Landscape Design

The design process begins with an on site meeting with the homeowner or property owner to discuss objectives. Todd Adams (owner of Green Country Landscapes) is involved in all aspects of the design process and will be the first person you meet from Green Country Landscapes. Designs can be as simple as developing the design during the initial visit to complex designs created by our landscape architect. In most initial meetings we can discuss budget, functional needs, and visual desires for the space. If you wish to continue with the design we will note property site conditions such as existing irrigation, location of in ground utility lines, topography, possible drainage issues, sun/shade exposure etc. Measurements and pictures will also be taken at this time. Small to medium designs/estimates can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Large more complex designs may need multiple site visits and can take up to a month to complete. This design time can be defined during the initial meeting. Please call Todd Adams anytime to schedule your initial meeting with Green Country Landscapes.